About Us

Ideal Textile Corporation is a third generation textile company to the industrial and commercial linen laundry market. We are the largest provider of rentable textiles product. Ideal Textile was founded in 1957 in Karachi, Pakistan, opening US headquarters in 2012, and subsequently changing its name to Ideal Textile Corporation

ITC supplies towels, bed linens, table linens and other related products to laundry customers throughout the United States. Ideal Textile is a privately owned textile manufacturer, importer, and distributor. Our company's focus is to provide customers with high quality, innovative products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

With company-owned distribution centers in Atlanta and Houston, ITC is logistically positioned to serve over 45% of the U.S. laundry market with Express shipping delivery.

Ideal Textile products are manufactured in the USA, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Additionally, our mills are monitored closely by ITC management, and have well-established quality systems. We also have a strategic partnership with some local factories where we own the looms; this allows us full control of the entire product development cycle and manufacturing so that we can provide the best product and prices to our customers.

Our manufacturing plant is currently under the certification process for ISO 9001: 2008 which provides organizations with an-ongoing commitment to supplying quality products at realistic prices with the shortest possible lead times.